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I have a short story in the Tales Untold: Mythos Around the World anthology from Ravens & Roses Publishing, which was released on Tuesday November 15th, 2022! The story, The Fairy Soldier's Last Request, is a prequel to my Servants of the Moon and Sun novels. The anthology is available in both e-book (holiday price: just 99 cents!) and paperback ($14.99) at Amazon and all major retailers. 



Servants of the Moon and Sun -- 

an epic fantasy adventure series by



Joel C. Flanagan-Grannemann



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An Exciting New Fantasy Adventure Series


Featuring Fairies, Magic, Royalty, and Political Intrigue


Now available in audiobook format at

Audible, Amazon, and iTunes!

Moon, Waves. and Star Symbols


UPDATE!  The audiobook for Book Two is in review by ACX and Amazon now, and is expected to be released _before_ the end of 2022!






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