ConCarolinas 2021 & 2022 Virtual Writing Competitions

Certificate with text: ConCarolinas Virtual Writing Competition. This is awarded to Joel Flanagan-Grannemann. June 4th, 2021. There is a dragon icon at the top.

Congratulations to Joel for winning the 2021 & 2022 ConCarolinas Virtual Writing Competitions!

2021 ConCarolinas Certificate

TIP: To receive a PDF of Joel's first winning story, "After Four Days of Rain"(which tells the story of the end of Talia's relationship with the purple-haired flyer her mother disapproved of), please join our email list.  You will need to reply to the automated message you receive in response to confirm that you wish to join the list (from which you can expect to receive no more than 8 messages a month, and usually just 2, on the 2nd and 16th of each month).

Unfortunately, Joel did not receive any official recognition of his 2022 win at the Con, as the new Con Chair forgot to announce the contest winners at the opening ceremonies. He *did* receive a free ticket to next year's Con, however, along with a Twitter shoutout (see below)! The winning story is not yet available to those who missed the contest voting period, but keep checking back here to see if that changes!

Screenshot of a text sent by ConCarolinas stating: Congratulations to our virtual contest winners! Virtual Art Youth Contest Winner: Sydney Edwards; Virtual Art Adult Contest Winner: Christina Griffin; Virtual Writing Contest: Joel Flanagan-Grannemann.
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